Winter Time

I’ve had a busy week already.   The last few weeks to this last month of 2010 are flying by way too fast. 

Yesterday, we were able to take a few cows and pigs to the butcher.  We raise our own meat and usually make a couple of trips to the butcher each year.  My freezer is almost empty of meat and the beef and pork will be a much welcomed addition to the freezer stock.  We’ll pick it up the first week of January. 

Today, I was able to get some planning time by having lunch at a local place with just myself and my 2 1/2 month old baby.  After my relaxing lunch, I ran to the store and shuffled through the rural crowd hustling about  to get their bread and milk supplies before more another round of wintry weather heads to town tonight.  I picked up a few items so I could bake some goodies and cook up some beans and soups for the rest of this cold winter week. 

I picked up my kids and headed home to find the wood stove starved and the house bone cold but my spirits renewed with the thoughts I was able to gather today during the productive planning time.   

I soon  revived the stove again and the heat is now permeating the house while hot apple cider with Williams-Sonoma mulling spices (Thanks, Claire!!!)  simmer on the stove and I plan supper.  I have a busy couple weeks with much activity planned for the holiday season.  Happy Baking Everyone!

Beautiful Cold Ice

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  1. Mmm….Mulled Spiced Cider. That’s one of my happy places.

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