Spring Cleaning on the Penny Pantry Blog, Part III

Spring Cleaning on the Penny Pantry Blog, Part III

Answering Questions

As spring cleaning continues, I thought I would offer a bit more information about the Penny Pantry blog and my new blog structure that I laid out in Part II and why I chose a blogging schedule. 

Each day of the week, I chose a theme or subject about which to blog about.  I hope to have the schedule posted permanently to the front page as soon as I work out all the little tweaks and squeaks over the next couple of weeks.  If you have any feedback…please let me know! 

First of all, why does a blog need structure and a schedule anyway?

You really do not need a structure or schedule for your blog if you don’t want to.  However, for me as a mom blogger, I’ve learned a lot about myself since I started blogging in 2005!  (Blogging on Penny Pantry a few months and on our family farming blog, Vaughnshire for years!) With my busy life, structure helps me stay on track. 

I am first a wife and mother who sees my family as my primary focus. On the side, I love to write.  Blogging is an outflow of my writing which I find refreshing.  Because of the busy stage of life I am in with a farm and a large family, I find it much easier to put a structured schedule around my blog so that it simplifies my blogging.  It’s sorta like making a meal plan.  If you have your meals planned out at the beginning of the week, you don’t get to Wednesday stressing over what’s for supper! 

What are some benefits to having a blogging schedule?

  1. I am hoping to reap several benefits to having a blogging schedule.  First, like a meal plan, a blogging schedule alleviates the “what do I write about today” writing block.  At least with a blogging plan, I have a topic or subject. 
  2. Next, it saves time in that I am able to pre-schedule blog posts days or weeks in advance if I want.  For instance, I may have some great blog fodder on Monday for my topic on Thursday.  I can write about it on Monday and schedule it to post on Thursday. 
  3. Having a blog schedule just defines my space a bit more than random posting. 
  4. Check out my blog schedule here.

Why did you expand your topic and subject matter beyond just a coupon grocery savings blog?

  1. I want a real variety of usable, tangible information that will help my readers drastically cut their grocery bills, build a sustainable pantry, help them manage their homes better and encourage life skills that modern homemakers have lost.  Coupons can help cut the grocery bill in the immediate, but they are not the end all to pantry building and saving money on the grocery bill.  Coupons are a great transition for homemakers stuck in the groove of immediate need buying at retail prices.  (If you’re at that stage, you can check out the coupon ebook I wrote about using couponing to build a pantry and save money.)  Bulk buying is also a way to drastically cut your bill while offering many times a healthier food product for lower prices.  Gardening and canning can save so much more money in the long run and are lifelong skills a homemaker can use in a variety of areas (rural or city), situations and stages in life.  Incorporating from scratch recipes, bulk cooking or once a month cooking are also ways to save money on the grocery bill. 
  2. I enjoy finding many different ways to cut spending and save money. 
  3. My personal passion is to recapture those old fashioned arts that our great grandmothers used and practiced to build sustainable working homes and healthy, abundant pantries. 

So there you have a bit broader picture of the Penny Pantry blog structure or blogging schedule.  I am pregnant with my 9th baby, so I’m really encouraging myself with my new leap into blog scheduling.  I think it will benefit my readership as well as my busy life schedule 😉 

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