Spring Cleaning on the Penny Pantry Blog, Part I

Spring Cleaning on the Penny Pantry Blog, Part I. 

I’ve been blogging on Penny Pantry for several months now…and enjoying it so much!  I’ve been tweaking and changing and developing this blog trying to learn its personality. 

My original thoughts for Penny Pantry were to have a blog where I posted the latest, greatest deals at the grocery store as well as tips and ideas on building your pantry for pennies.  I’ve run into a few problems with that.  First, grocery couponing deals are only a small component of pantry building.   Second, grocery sales and deals are regional and are ever changing which drastically reduces my audience when I am posting all about grocery deals to readers who do not live anywhere near me.  Third, I know a lot of money saving grocery bloggers who are literally on the computer blogging, or on twitter or facebook all day long every week!   That’s not good or enjoyable with all the other duties I have as a homemaker! 

While couponing can drastically cut your grocery bill and be an especially helpful tool in helping you build a very large pantry, it isn’t by any means the end all to frugal homemaking or pantry building.  There are many other profitable ways to build a pantry while drastically cut your grocery bill.   Which brings me to this next point……

More and more modern homemakers are wanting to learn more about how to get out of the rat race and become more self sufficient. Homemakers are wanting to learn how to mangae their homes, kitchens and pantries with out the extreme dependence on that “stuff-mart” store being open 24 /7!  Modern homemakers have lost so much and Penny Pantry is all about rediscovering some of those lost arts and skills that homemakers generations ago knew and practiced.  I’m really interested in focusing a large portion of Penny Pantry to old fashioned pantry building.  (and I’ll tell you exactly why in a post coming up!)

Next, stay tuned for Spring Cleaning on the Penny Pantry Blog, Part II and Part III

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