Winter Time

I’ve had a busy week already.   The last few weeks to this last month of 2010 are flying by way too fast. 

Yesterday, we were able to take a few cows and pigs to the butcher.  We raise our own meat and usually make a couple of trips to the butcher each year.  My freezer is almost empty of meat and the beef and pork will be a much welcomed addition to the freezer stock.  We’ll pick it up the first week of January. 

Today, I was able to get some planning time by having lunch at a local place with just myself and my 2 1/2 month old baby.  After my relaxing lunch, I ran to the store and shuffled through the rural crowd hustling about  to get their bread and milk supplies before more another round of wintry weather heads to town tonight.  I picked up a few items so I could bake some goodies and cook up some beans and soups for the rest of this cold winter week. 

I picked up my kids and headed home to find the wood stove starved and the house bone cold but my spirits renewed with the thoughts I was able to gather today during the productive planning time.   

I soon  revived the stove again and the heat is now permeating the house while hot apple cider with Williams-Sonoma mulling spices (Thanks, Claire!!!)  simmer on the stove and I plan supper.  I have a busy couple weeks with much activity planned for the holiday season.  Happy Baking Everyone!

Beautiful Cold Ice

After Thanksgiving Leftovers

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!  The food and fellowship were amazing.  I think Thanksgiving is my most favorite time of the year! 

The Martha Stewart Pumpkin turned into Sweet Potato Cheesecakewas heavenly!  Ohh, my!  It was so delicious!

The weather was quite strange with lots of wind and around 70 degrees during the day which dropped to winter temperatures by night.  Today is quite chilly and we’ve started a fire in our wood stove.  The radiant heat has thoroughly penetrated our cold bodies and is thawing out our home quite well now. 

I didn’t have to think about “What are we going to have for lunch?” because there are plenty of turkey leftovers for us to munch on all day!  I’m so glad I made a ton of food because Thanksgiving leftovers are the best!

Today, I didn’t hit the black Friday sales.  I spent a large part of the day enjoying the relaxing time at home and working on some New Year goals for my home and blog.

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Live Thanksgiving Bake and Blog

Because we don’t have anything else to do…. we thought we would blog some of our Thanksgiving Day preparations today while it pours down rain outside!  So here goes our Thanksgiving Bake and Blog……

We have a huge list of items to make today:

We have a bunch of other things on our list so we will see where we get with a house full of children running around and a nursing baby…and attempting to blog and bake at the same time. 

Thankful Thoughts:  I’m very thankful for God’s kind provision of food we have had this year.  Today, as I am working on preparing an abundant amount of food, I’m reminded to give thanks for the abundant wealth of food we have. 

Say Thank You with Thankful Thanksgiving Cards

In addition to working on our Thanksgiving menu today, the kids and I started on our “I’m Thankful…” Thanksgiving cards.  Every year, we write down things we are thankful for and put the cards in a jar or basket to be read out-loud on Thanksgiving Day—this year we are using our wire chicken basket to hold our cards.  It’s always a wonderful time hearing everyone’s “I’m thankful….” cards.  So many times we assume the people we love know we love them, but it’s very meaningful to hear the words spoken. 

We’ve done this for a long time so we have quite a few years of cards collected.  It’s always a great time reading back over the previous years Thanksgivings to see all the different things each family member wrote down.  It brings to mind not only this year’s list of things we are thankful for, but reminds us of the year after year after year of blessing and provision the Lord has given in the good times and through the trials of life. 

  • We usually use index cards. 
  • You can also print out printable Thanksgiving themed cards and tags to write on. 
  • Be sure to write the year and name on the card!
  • Little children who can’t write yet, can draw pictures of what they are thankful for or have someone help them write.  We’ve cherished the cards from our little ones over the years–misspelled words and creative pictures ;-)
  • It’s best to keep the cards in a jar or some container with a sealed lid so they don’t get lost over the years. 
  • Have your Thanksgiving guests fill out “I’m Thankful….” cards too! 

.59 cent lb Publix Thanksgiving Turkey

If your looking for a Thanksgiving Turkey and have a Publix grocery store near you……I was alerted to the .59 cent lb. Thanksgiving Turkey deal over at my favorite Publix blog… I Heart Publix.  I went to Publix last night to check out the deal and was very happy to find the turkeys…in all sizes for .59 cents a pound!  I bought 5 turkeys ranging from 8 lbs to 20 lbs! 

I think I might go back and buy a few more turkeys for the freezer. I’m always looking for a deal to stock the freezer with and feed this crew around here…..

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