Frugal Shopping Highlights

We headed out to town on a strict frugal shopping mission and came back very pleased with our ultra-frugal results!

Our trip to CVS trip cost us a grand total of .44 cents!  I ended up with 2 packages of diapers and two packages of pullups and a toothbrush and a bunch of Hershey’s chocolate (great for baking!).  I earned $17 back in extra bucks.


Our trip to Kroger was also a huge success ending up with some freebies like baby wipes and our final stop to replace our blender was a huge surprise when we found a $55 blender for $13 and it has a food processor attachment.  Evidently blenders are a seasonal item, or so I was told?  Since I tend to go through a blender a year, until I can find a good commercial grade, stainless steal, non-breakable blender…the $13 blender does the job.


Here is just a sample of some of the good finds: free soap, free huggies wipes, free Tabasco sauce and cayenne pepper sauce, .40 cent toothbrushes, .80 cent big roll viva paper towels.  We also found a beautiful .50 cent potted plant marked down from $15.  All in all, our grocery / household supplies bill this week was considerably less.

I am beginning to see great successes in our pantry store and can contribute that to several factors:  1.)  It is amazing how much you can do by just raising your own meat, eggs and milk!   2.)   I also quit buying small bags (3 to 5 lbs) of items from the Amish and started buying the 25lb and 50lb bags from them– grain, flour, oats, sugar etc.  That really makes a difference in the long run if you can plan the extra expense of a $19 or $22 purchase for a large bag into the month.  3.)  Taking advantage of the regular stores as much as possible when I find excellent stock-up deals (using coupons and rebates) on items for our pantry store.

Frugal Tips when shopping at a regular stores:

  • Always look for a clearance section in the store.  We found a basket full of Recharge juice, the kind I was looking to stock up on for labor and postpartum, marked down to $1 a jug.  We found the clearanced blender on a back shelf away from the other smaller regular priced appliances.
  • Scan the store shelves for clearance tags and stickers hidden along side regular priced items.  We found 8 bottles of dish soap, which ended up being free after the coupons, sitting on the shelf next to the regular priced dish soap.  We also found 10 packages of baby wipes clearanced out just because they had Christmas packaging, which ended up being free after coupons.
  • Don’t forget about those little stores.  We have a small town store that ran a sale last week on toilet paper and with coupons we stocked up on some free toilet paper.  Sometimes these smaller IGA type stores run some very good sales.  Everything else may cost triple, but they will occasionally have some great loss leader sales you can take advantage of.
  • Keep a mental tally, or a calculator handy to keep up with what your total cost should be.  I got back over $10 just on yesterday’s trip as well as 3 bags of free dog food after pointing out that several items rang up higher than what the sale tag said.

While the girls were out doing some much needed pantry stocking, the men were doing some much needed farm work of which another blog post will have to tell…

Some of our CVS and Walgreens deals and free finds

Although we were not able to find the Cottonelle and the cotton swabs–(all sold out!  I was really looking forward to stocking up! )  — We did find some unexpected deals!

First, at CVS our totals were $7.38.  We earned $13.00 in extra bucks and saved a total of $76.29.  When I walked in the house and the boys saw the load of peanut butter I bought, my oldest offered to buy them from me.  Of course you know why, don’t you?  They use peanut butter in their traps so it is a very important tool for them to have on hand….and more importantly, it is more important to me that they have their own jar of peanut butter for obvious reasons!

At Walgreens,  we had some need shopping to do so we spent a total of $8.51 and saved $37.88.  We used the one day only printable coupon for $5 off any order of $20 as well as a lot of other coupons.  The biggest find of the day was all the free Dawn dish soap we found.  They had it marked down to .50 cents a bottle and we used the $1 off 2 Dawn manufacturer coupons to come away with 8 bottles of free dish soap!  (It was the Dawn Botanicals, Uplifting scent, yellow with big yellow .50 cent stickers on them.  They were not in the clearance sections, they were on the shelf next to the other dish soap.  I grabbed all that were left at the store I visited and I am sure they won’t last long if other stores have them!)

Also, for those who use real butter, they had the boxes of butter (4 sticks) on sale buy one, get one free for $3.99.  If you needed butter that’s a good deal last time I checked on butter prices.

An amusing addition to the day was hearing an upbeat manager talk to several of his employees on jurisdictions vs. chores using the Dugger family as an example!  He asked them if any of them had seen the shows about the family with 17 children and a 7,000 square foot house.  He went on to share with them about the Duggers and how the parents train the children not to see their work as meaningless chores, but that they give the children ownership of areas of the house which they call jurisdictions.  He went on to say how brilliant that was because the children don’t just see their work as a chore, they see it as a jurisdiction for which they are responsible.

Nice to hear as I was waiting in line

Great Deal for the Health Conscious- Free Sambucol

CVS has been running a great deal on Sambucol black elderberry extract.  It was a January promotion that is also going to be continued to a February promotion.  Here is the promotion:

Buy the 4 oz Sambucol Black Elderberry Extract for $12.99 and get $10 in extra care bucks back.  If you are unfamiliar with CVS, extra care bucks are basically a coupon that prints out attached to the end of your receipt that will be worth $10.  You can use this coupon to buy something else right then or use it on a later date.

To make the deal even better, if you use the $2 of any $10 worth of non-prescription items purchased CVS coupon and then send in the $10 rebate that Sambucol is offering off the purchase of any of their products… you end up making some money off the deal and getting something that actually works great for fighting colds, runny noses, coughs, fevers and more…

Here is a printable $2 off $10 CVS coupon.  Expires 1-31-08 !!!

Here is the printable Sambucol rebate form.

Deal breakdown:

  • You buy Sambucol for $12.99
  • Use the $2 off $10 printable CVS store coupon (expires 1-31-08)
  • You pay $10.99 plus tax
  • You get a $10 ECB (extra care buck) printed out at the end of your receipt.
  • You send in your original receipt showing item purchased to the Sambucol rebate and they send you a $10 check.

CVS also has a lot of other great deals this week so check out Money Saving Mom and  I love CVS frugal mom websites for more info on the deals and how to do them.  I plan on taking a trip into town to stock up on some paper products (toliet paper, diapers etc.) for a great price using my $10 extra bucks from the Sambucol deal and some coupons that I have.

FYI:  My extra care bucks did not print out for the Sambucol deal and when I called customer service about it, they said that there were some issues with the promotion that were causing these ECB’s not to be triggered.  (not in all cases-they were working on it)  She issued my coupon to my account so if this happens to you, just call them.

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