Say Thank You with Thankful Thanksgiving Cards

In addition to working on our Thanksgiving menu today, the kids and I started on our “I’m Thankful…” Thanksgiving cards.  Every year, we write down things we are thankful for and put the cards in a jar or basket to be read out-loud on Thanksgiving Day—this year we are using our wire chicken basket to hold our cards.  It’s always a wonderful time hearing everyone’s “I’m thankful….” cards.  So many times we assume the people we love know we love them, but it’s very meaningful to hear the words spoken. 

We’ve done this for a long time so we have quite a few years of cards collected.  It’s always a great time reading back over the previous years Thanksgivings to see all the different things each family member wrote down.  It brings to mind not only this year’s list of things we are thankful for, but reminds us of the year after year after year of blessing and provision the Lord has given in the good times and through the trials of life. 

  • We usually use index cards. 
  • You can also print out printable Thanksgiving themed cards and tags to write on. 
  • Be sure to write the year and name on the card!
  • Little children who can’t write yet, can draw pictures of what they are thankful for or have someone help them write.  We’ve cherished the cards from our little ones over the years–misspelled words and creative pictures 😉
  • It’s best to keep the cards in a jar or some container with a sealed lid so they don’t get lost over the years. 
  • Have your Thanksgiving guests fill out “I’m Thankful….” cards too! 

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