Making New Year Goals and Cool Daily Planner Printable Link

I’ve been working with my kids on goal setting this week.  It’s going well and most of them have turned in their papers to me.  It always makes me smile to see their goals…mostly I smile at the younger kid’s handwriting and misspelled words…and funny goals…. like “make $7 dollars, learn to do chores…. or install XP SP3 ASAP”.  I don’t even know what that means?

I’m still working on my goals.  I usually split my goals up into sections.   This year I have 4:

  • Personal — discipline, exercise, healthy diet, reading list
  • Home — schedule, projects, meal planning
  • Homeschool — schedule, child-by-child educational outlines
  • Blogging — schedule, redesign

In each of these sections, I’ve listed things that I would like to do and things I need to work on.  I’m very excited about my goals this year.  Last year was so difficult for me.  I’m looking forward to changing up some things around here and enjoying the journey as we go.  I’ll share some more specific goals with you later.

I absolutely love this daily planner printable…Check it out:  DAILY PLANNER PRINTABLE

We’re very excited about starting off on a new, fresh year.  May God bless you as you plan and organize your new year!

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