Your Pantry Home Store

I’ve written in the past on building your own pantry home store.  So what is a pantry home store?  Everyone will have a slightly different definition of what a home store means to them.  For me, my pantry home store is my grocery and household supply stock that is in my home and not at the grocery store.  I want to free myself from the dependence of the 24 hour stuff-mart and save money buy buying these items at rock bottom prices and building a home pantry with them.

It may take a while to get a nice well-rounded stockpile of groceries and supplies. My goal is to continue to grow my stock and have a well-supplied home store from which to pull.

Over the years I can not begin to count the number of times that I have been out of items and purchased them at regular price just because I was unprepared and needed it. Currently, I am working on building a stock of items that I regularly keep at home to avoid those panic times of being out of necessary items like baby diapers or bathroom tissue. It is a “Think Ahead” strategy of always being prepared that has escaped our modern mindset of always thinking it-will-be-there-when-you-need-it.  Not only am I wanting to stock up when a product goes on sale, but I am wanting to have a cushion supply of items for those rainy days.

1.) Start collecting coupons for items you use. If you have the time, collect coupons for things that you would buy if they were outrageously cheap or free.

2.) Learn the coupon policies for the stores in your area.

3.) Watch for store sales and trends. Even without coupons, store sales are an excellent way to stock up. I recently purchased 5lb bags of potatoes for $1 a bag. This week they have a sale on bags of onions for the same price. Being that the cooler weather is moving in, root vegetables will keep for longer periods of time in a basement or in a garage.  Also, as you begin to strategically shop, you will notice certain items go on sale seasonally.  For example, canned milk is usually a really great deal around Thanksgiving to Christmas time.  Other baking items are also great deals this time of year.

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