Stocking up the pantry with Christmas Clearance

I’m focusing on stocking up the pantry in the new year 2012.  I’ve started early.

With all the Christmas sales and holiday clearance finds, I’ve been able to get a good start on stocking up my pantry with some basic canned food.

Look for these canned food items now:

  • canned pumpkin
  • canned chicken broth
  • canned milk
  • canned veggies:  corn and green beans specifically
  • canned milk

I found chicken broth clearanced out at Walmart for $.25 cents a can!  The good stuff that was normally over a $1 a can.  I bought a big case of it for $6.

I’ve seen several grocery stores run excellent deals on canned vegetables.  Walmart  and Kroger had canned corn and green beans for $.44 cents a can as an unadvertised deal last week.

Many stores will be clearancing out their holiday stock now.

As the year comes to a close, look for clearanced out holiday themed food items.  Check out this Christmas Clearance Prep List for more tips on stocking up on clearanced holiday themed items at Target.

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