Pantry Stocking Ideas and Tips

Years ago, I knew I needed to do something about my pantry.   I started seriously couponing and looking into other ways to buy food besides just the “running to the grocery store every other day” solution.  I eventually, starting to build a pantry that lasted longer.  I even had food in the pantry and freezer at the end of each month!

Here are some sucessful ways I continue to build my pantry: 

  1. Use Coupons Strategically!  When I started to use coupons strategically, I quickly found that I could bring home food and supplies regularly for 50 to 75% off retail price.  Many times I bring home free food and supplies by combining sales with coupons. 
  2. I submit rebates when available.  I keep my eye out for rebates on food and household supplies.  Many times, manufacturers will issue rebates that are available for “Try Me Free” products. 
  3. I learned how to shop the drugstores!  CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid are not usually known for discount shopping prices.  However, using their rewards programs and rebate programs with sales and coupons, you can come home with an amazing amount of stuff for pennies on the dollar…even free stuff regularly.  Check out my latest diaper deal at Rite Aid
  4. I buy produce and bulk grain through a local food co-op in my area.  I’ve been purchasing seasonal fruits by the bushel for over half the price of grocery store produce prices.  Check here for local farms or orchards in your area.  You may even go in with other families and contact an out of state orchard and see what it would cost to get a shipment of fruit to you. 
  5. I buy other bulk foods at Costco / Sam’s Wholesale Clubs.  While others would disagree with me on whether or not shopping at Costco or Sam’s is a frugal choice….after all, “you can do better with coupons?”  Or can you??  For our family size,  Costco / Sam’s do save us a considerable amount of money and time. 
  6. Grow a Garden!  I think growing a garden is the most amazing and effective way to provide your family with good, wholesome food for less.  I enjoy growing a garden and anticipating all the produce it produces over the spring and summer!  We eat lots of fresh organic vegetables from our garden for less. 
  7. Canning your own food!  If you can grow enough of your own produce, you will be able to can your own vegetables with all the extra food you grew in your garden.  Last year, I was able to can a considerable amount of food off the garden vegetables we grew.  I also canned much of the fruit that I purchased from the bulk food co-op.  I love canning!!!

These ideas are just a few ways I have found to build a home pantry and stock it for less. 

What are other ways you stock your pantry for less??

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