Pantry 2009: Groceries and Your Budget

I found this article to be interesting, “As food costs soar, it’s back to basics for meal planners.” There is no doubt that this current economy crisis has impacted every single one of us in one way or the other.  Whether it is job losses, pay cuts or just plain paying more for certain products…like eggs and bread, a bad economy isn’t without impact.  Many people are dealing with rising food costs by “curtailing restaurant meals to planting gardens, using coupons, shopping smarter and cooking more economical meals.”

I absolutely love reading about food and economy related topics.  Call me weird…but that is the stuff I enjoy.  I love trying to cut costs and increase value at the same time.  I love a bargain but don’t like skimping on quality.  I love to be rich cheap.  I love the challenge of building a pantry.  I love buying bulk.  I love couponing.  That is why my dream outing is going grocery shopping with a load of coupons and stopping in at Goodwill on .99 cent day.

I have big plans for my 2009 year pantry.  Have you made plans for your pantry this coming year?  Do you shop week to week?  Is your pantry dry at the end of the month?  Are you more motivated to build a pantry during unstable economic times?

Stay tuned for more Pantry 2009 ideas, projects and challenges.


5 comments on “Pantry 2009: Groceries and Your Budget

  1. I have been working extra hard on our pantry this last year. We have a newer home, about 7 years old. It was built before us, and these homes are not built for cooking! No panty space at all!
    I would like to know how you keep up-to-date inventory on your supply?
    love your post! Blessings to you all!

  2. Since we moved to our larger house we have a basement that we’ve been working on stocking. When things are on a good sale we stock up. Hubby built some shelves in the basement and he’s working on putting some lazy susans in!

    I love coupons, too! And a good .99 Goodwill day!

  3. basements are GREAT spaces to build a family store….
    i miss the large open space….

  4. I just re-organized my pantry this past summer. It is small and I was having some real space issues with bulk ordering. (Of course when I got rid of all the canned food it cut down on some of the space issues) Anyway, I bought some fabric bins that fold up for storage and also some white plastic (Safe number 5) from Target. These hold at least 40 pounds, maybe the full 50 of the grains, I also use them for oats, etc. If you want I can e-mail you the pictures. The tops are great because only one half opens. Not so great is my two year old figuring out how to open them and play dump truck with my cut oats!

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