Investing in the Home Pantry With a Pantry Tithe

You may be wondering, “What exactly is a pantry tithe?”.  Well, a pantry tithe is another great way to build your home pantry strategically.  You could call it “pantry investing”.  A pantry tithe is where you take a portion of your weekly budget and allot to purchasing a group of items just for your pantry.  These items are reserved for the pantry so you can’t use them that week in your meal planning!   

For example, since we have  a large family, I am buying 10 additional items  for a goal of under $10 each week specifically for my pantry tithe.  One week it may be 10 cans of black beans, another week it may be 10 cans of pineapple or 10 cans of tomatoes or 10 cans of corn.  My pantry tithe may seem like  a large additional purchase, but with 10 people in the family, we could decimate those 10 cans pretty quickly.  Most times, you can find a great sale to use for your pantry investing purchases so it is little money extra out of pocket.  By having these items specifically for pantry storage and me not using them for my meals that week, it is allowing me to build my basic pantry stock. 

You may set up your pantry tithe differently.  You can put your own amount and cost on it.  The neat thing about the pantry tithe is it is specifically and on purpose investing into your home pantry apart from your weekly grocery needs. 

You can also strategically plan your pantry tithe so that you are investing in pantry items that will complete a certain amount of meals by the end of a certain amount of weeks.  For example, you could set your pantry tithe goal to be buying extra items each week that could make a extra meal in a pinch.  You may choose to get all the items for burritos or chicken enchiladas or chili for the purpose of building a supply of “emergency” meals for unexpected visitors or bad weather days. 

The goal with the pantry tithe is that you are not just thinking about “this weeks meals”, but that you are thinking about strategically investing in your home pantry.  Investing into your home pantry will pay off huge returns!  I don’t know about you, but my family is always getting hungry and they appreciate having food in the house!

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  1. Jana says:

    This is a great idea! I just found your blog and I love it! It’s similar in purpose to the one I’m building up, though the coupon thing doesn’t really work where I live. But I’ll be coming back here for more tips! THANKS!

  2. Holly says:

    Beth, this is just what I needed! Last year I canned and froze food off and on over the summer and fall and we ended up going through everything I put up by early Jan!! Some by November. I was seriously depressed ;) That would mean that all my work last year would need to be tripled or more this year in order to last all year. Phew! I often feel overwhelmed and do nothing where our pantry is concerned. It seems like this post just broke it down into a nice, easy, attainable baby step! Thanks! I am definitely going to start doing this!!

  3. BethTN says:

    Thanks for your replies Jana and Holly! 

    Jana, I checked out your blog and left a comment on your homemade dressing recipes!

    Holly, I’m with you on the canning and freezing food during the summer and fall!  We are quickly wiping out all the canned food I put up!  I seriously underestimated the amount of food and will be writing about it and trying to remedy it this summer/fall!!!

    The pantry tithe is really a good way to think about building your pantry!

  4. Carmen says:

    In thinking about my pantry…I already do that but didn’t really think about it (put a name on it).   I’ve been stocking up on sale/coupon items in large amounts for months now that I don’t need to buy much without sales.  Last summer’s garden didn’t give us as much as I hoped (fixing that this year!).  So when I go grocery shopping, if I’m not stocking up on more items (with sales and coupons) then I’m simply purchasing milk and produce. I’m glad I’ve finally gotten into a system.
    Jana as a fellow kitchen blogger I’m going to go check out yours!
    Beth…I was going to write a whole post on couponing and stockpiling but I’m going to just direct people here instead!  ; )

  5. BethTN says:

    Thanks Carmen, I’ll check out your site!

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  8. lighthearted says:

    This is a wonderful way to stock a pantry. It’s easy to do and easy to remember. I can always just add 10 cans of something to my grocery list every time I go shopping. Simple, but effective way to stockpile.

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