Comparing Bulk Store Prices to Grocery Store Sales

I do shop at warehouse bulk stores like Costco for some things.  I also shop grocery store sales for other things.  I also recently discovered the GFS bulk restaurant supply store and did some comparison shopping between GFS, Costco and the grocery store.

Here’s an example:

Publix:  Publix had a sale on Mueller pasta BOGO (buy one get one free) for $1.59 or about $.75 cents each.  (The first one you buy is .75 cents, the second one is .74 cents.)  I bought 5 boxes or 5 pounds of pasta for $3.73.  Without the sale, the pasta was regularly $1.59 a pound. 

Costco:  Costco had Barilla pasta for $1.09 per pound.  They package their pasta in a 6 pack with a variety of 1 lb boxes.

GFS:   GFS had large bulk 5lb bags of pasta for $5.99 or about $1.20 a pound.  My overall impression of GFS was that it was more expensive than Costco with lesser quality food and in many cases, smaller packaging.  We tried some of their pasta and found it to be not very good quality, compared to what we bought at Publix or Costco and it was the most expensive out of the 3 stores. 

  Both are 5 lbs.  Buying individual packages many times is cheaper than buying the one big bag.  Always compare your prices and don’t assume just because it comes in a big bag…it must be cheaper?!?

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  1. There are only 2 things I get at GFS….SAF yeast and baking spray.  I confess I do use Bakers Joy.   It makes things so much easier baking a cake or bread.  GFS has a store brand commerical can size of baking spray that is cheaper than buying cans of Bakers Joy.  The SAF yeast is cheaper and they are the only ones who carry it locally otherwise I would have to order it online.  Since GFS is just about 2 blocks from Sam’s Club (we don’t have Costco here), it isn’t out of my way to just run in for those 2 items when we are running low.  I normally buy several of those 2 items when I’m there.  So I probably only go there 2 or 3 times a year.

  2. can you please tell me if the nashville tn costcos take manufacturer’s coupons with the ones they mail out?  thanks & i have learned so much from your guide!!

    • Renee,

      No…the Nashville Costco does not take regular manufacturer’s coupons.  They only take the coupons that they mail out — it’s the Costco Monthly booklet.

      I think all Costco’s and Sam’s clubs do not accept manufacturer coupons…

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