Pantry Storage Solutions

A working pantry is the secret weapon of a well-oiled running home and finding pantry storage space is a housewife’s kryptonite. What housewife hasn’t experienced the frustration of opening cabinets, the refrigerator and freezer frantically searching for something she can put together for dinner.  How frustrating is it to run out of diapers or toilet paper?    Having a stocked pantry not only saves money, time and stress but it provides a valuable cushion in tight financial times, illness, hardships or natural disasters.

Once she starts to bringing in her pantry stockpiles from all her strategic shopping adventures, another problem surfaces!  Where does she put all this stuff?  Pantry storage problems are a better problem to have over not having anything to store!

Every home has some sort of pantry space.  Whether it be cabinets or shelves, large or small, any space can be utilized as pantry space.  Many housewives would love a large walk in pantry room with floor to ceiling shelves, cabinets and bins, however, most of us have to use a bit more creativity to make our kitchen and household pantry actually work for our family.

Don’t fret over not having enough pantry space.  A pantry doesn’t have to be a large storage area in the kitchen.  A pantry is your reservoir of food and household goods that you store in your home.  It’s your home store.  Your pantry stockpile can be stored throughout the house.

Are you tight on space?  Here are some pantry storage ideas you might consider implementing:

  • Installing free shelves along the walls can be decorative and functional.  Some pantry items can be taken out of the packaging and stored in glass jars on open shelves:  beans, rice and pasta for example.
  • If you have space above your cabinets, use that space!  Buy interesting looking baskets, boxes, buckets and store seldom used dishes or counter appliances up there instead of them taking up precious real estate space in your cabinets that you could be using to store food.
  • Display and Store seldom used platters above the kitchen cabinets.
  • Store your dishes in the buffet area by your table instead of your cabinets.
  • Use open shelving to store dishes to free up cabinet space.
  • You can look for under the cabinet type organizers.  There are some great organizers that really maximize cabinet space.
  • Utilize flat buckets with lids that can slide under beds or couches.  You can easily store paper products like napkins, paper plates, paper towels in these buckets.
  • Utilize the bathroom cabinets or shelving for storing bathroom and first aid supplies.  If you have open shelves, you can store your stock items in baskets for a more uniform, uncluttered look.
  • Redecorate a armoire or old buffet  and use it for pantry storage.  You can find cheap furniture at yard sales or at thrift shops.  If its ugly, stare at it a while and see if you can imagine it with a coat of paint and different knobs?
  • Adding closet shelving.  You may see about adding closet shelving high above.  Look for wasted space areas in your closets and see if it might work as a high storage space.
  • Look for other wasted spaces in your home and make a plan for how to utilize those areas.
  • Flat-bottomed plastic baskets are very good for holding bags of beans and other miscellaneous pantry items.  Plastic shoe boxes with lids are also great additions to the pantry to help with keeping things organized.

When using other areas in the house for pantry storage, it is vital that you use a pantry inventory system.  I use a household notebook and pantry inventory worksheets in my notebook.  If you put a sealed flat plastic bucket under the bed filled packages of soup beans in it, you might forget it is there!  I find it helpful to take a sharpie marker and mark the date on items so I know when I bought them and how long it took us to go through them.  Identify your pantry storage areas and always write down where they are and what items are stored there!  Store items securely and properly!

I found this picture off CountryLiving.  They have great ideas for making your home beautiful and functional.  I love the beautiful pantry storage ideas that this picture creates.  Dishes are displayed on open shelves.  Seldom used platters double up behind.  The pantry has utilized glass jars for holding items such as herbs, teas, salts, sugars, beans, rice, oats.  Save glass gars and re-purpose them for pantry storage.

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