Coupon Usage is Up in Bad Economy

Coupon usage is up in bad economic times.  Consumers return to home out of necessity and need to shield themselves from the cold recession winds.  More people are eating from home and less are eating out.  Home is the best resource for stretching the dollar when times are tough.

Home. It’s our refuge when the world gets to be too much. The upside of a recession is that we come together around the kitchen table to share our meal and our day, taking comfort in the safe harbor of home.

A 2009 Nielsen survey finds that 46% of American households say they are eating out less.  Other recessionary strategies include reducing unnecessary spending (27%), driving less (14%), shopping for bargains (13%), using coupons (12%), combining shopping trips (8%), going out less for entertainment (6%) and purchasing more private label goods (5%).

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In another article entitled, Coupon Use Continues Resurgence, I found this quote interesting about the resurgence of coupon usage.

“It’s clear that coupons have increasingly become an important way for consumers to save some money when shopping.  Digital coupons are driving a huge increase in redemptions but still represent a small percentage of distributed and redeemed coupons.  Meanwhile, freestanding inserts account for almost 90 percent of distributed coupons, but just over half of redeemed coupons,” said Todd Hale, Senior Vice President, Consumer and Shopping Insights at Nielsen.  “Moreover, coupon enthusiasts buy more products per trip and generally have a higher spend per trip in the grocery and supercenter channels.  The fact is, coupons can yield a significant return on investment, and savvy consumer goods manufacturers should seriously consider how they may be able to play a role in driving sales.”

I know I have seen more and more people using coupons in the store.  It seemed as though I was the only one for a long time, but now, I regularly see avid couponers like myself, with their binders and coupon files riding in the front seat of the buggy while they intently scan the store shelves.

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