Freezer Meals For A Month Marathon

We are going crazy this week planning and preparing freezer meals for a month! ….for a family of 12!! Monday was a planning day.  The girls and I made up a fancy tea tray and headed to the back porch with cookbooks, note pads and computers  in hand.  We spent several hours quadrupling recipes and putting together a plan for a big shopping trip.

Tuesday was shopping day.  We hit two stores: Costco and Aldi.  When comparing prices, these stores have the items I need for the best prices.  Aldi does often comes in cheaper than Costco.  I just have to buy multiples of the smaller items.  Aldi did beat Costco this week on butter, eggs, bread, pasta, and many fruits and vegies.  Instead of one large box of eggs at Costco for $9.99, I bought the same amount of eggs for $7.63 at Aldi!  Pasta was a similar scenario.  Costco’s price per pound on pasta was around $1.09.  Aldi was .$89 cents.  Costco does have many quality items in the size and at the price I need.  Organic Coffee, sour cream, cottage cheese, No. 10 cans, organic sugar, organic coconut oil, olive oil, boxes of fruit and awesome monthly deals.  I often stock up on their coupon deals which helps stock the pantry at a price that is unbeatable.  Can you say, ” Costco is awesome!” O.k., so we finished up a big day of shopping, loading, unloading and putting away our massive load.

Wednesday we got started! So here we go.  We have stroganoff, burritos, lasagna,  burgers, chicken soup, casseroles and more to get going.  It used to take me 7 hours to do once a month cooking for a family of 5.  I am anxious to find out how long it takes to prepare 30 meals for a family of 12! So stay tuned!


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