My Day Without Electricity

Have you ever toured an old home?  Mount Vernon, Monticello or The Hermitage?  If you ever have the chance to tour a historic home, you should!  The most amazing thing to me in all these homes is the kitchen/pantry area.  I try to imagine myself transported back in time and how I would deal with such a primitive situation.  Of course, these women didn’t think their kitchen and pantry were difficult and primitive!  And they weren’t back then! 

Maybe we are too dependent on modern conveniences and maybe it would do us good to learn how to live without?  But ohhhh, how thankful I am for electricity.  I love my refrigerator and freezer and the ease of cooking on a stove and baking in an electric oven. 

This weekend we experienced a big storm that knocked out our electricity for the afternoon and evening.  I was preheating the electric oven while mixing up a batch of blueberry coffeecake.  As I opened the oven door, the electricity went out…and it stayed out.  I sat the blueberry coffeecake batter on the counter and covered it and wasn’t able to bake it until the next day.  (Leaving the batter out overnight did wonders for the taste and texture of the coffee cake!  It tasted great!)

It was soon supper time and I had boiled eggs and cold spaghetti sauce.  And since I do not have an outdoor kitchen for the spring and summer like older houses had, I couldn’t fire up the cook stove!  We’re out of firewood anyway!  So we headed to town to grab a bit to eat.  All the while I kept thinking…”Wow…electricity runs our life…!”  We are so dependent on it and we don’t even know it.  What would it be like to cook from a pantry like pictured above.  It would be a huge adjustment for sure for us modern homemakers. 

Next time the electricity goes out, I hope to be a bit more prepared by being able to locate candles and flashlights with working batteries.  I also hope my pantry contains a few more “non-electricity dependent” foods than it had in it last weekend as well as a few basics we should all have around, like bottled water!

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  1. Cool! i often think about that kind of stuff…… does make you think!

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