Making Do Without the Supermarket

I’ve been making do without the supermarket lately.  However, I am running low on several key ingredients now from all my from scratch cooking and baking.  I need olive oil, brown sugar and Basimati rice from Costco.  I need another 5 lb pail of Rumford baking powder from the little Mennonite market.  I need to restock my freezer with meat.  I have some other restocking needs for my freezer and pantry that I am working on.  Winter has taken it’s toll on what I put away in my pantry for winter. 

However, I’ve been making do without trips to the grocery store, until I can get around to it next week.  It’s been a great learning experience for my daughters and I. 

Last night, we ate Rooster Dumplings.  I put two chickens from the freezer (the boys butchered last month) in a stew pot with some water and salt and let it simmer all day.  It made the best chicken broth even without  other added ingredients.  I strained the broth.  I added a quart jar of carrots I canned last year and added chopped cabbage and chopped chicken.  We found a recipe for old fashioned dumplings and added the dough to the simmering pot which soon formed old fashioned looking dumplings.  We soon had a wonderful soup we named Rooster Dumplings.  Cheap, hearty and satisfying!

For breakfast, we made a triple batch of tortillas and scrambled 2 dozen of our chicken eggs.  A meal that I couldn’t even put a cost on because my only expenses were 9 cups of flour and a handful of Tablespoons of oil and baking powder.

Having basic ingredients in your freezer and pantry really help stretch the grocery budget.  It’s important to identfy key ingredients and always have them on hand.  Weaning yourself off prepackaged, canned, ready made food will be difficult if that is all your use to.  However, having a workable pantry full of supplies and staples will require you to know a bit about cooking from scratch and how to bring together those basic ingredients into a meal that is hearty and satisfying for your family. 

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  1. Great article. Good old food cooked from scratch isn’t all that hard, just takes a little planning and desire to really cook the meal. Opening a can, dumping it on a plate, then zap in the microwave is not cooking. Thanks keep up the good work.

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