The 6 week slow down…

I’m slowing quite a bit in this last 6 weeks of pregnancy.  I have a few, actually a lot, of household goals this month that I still am wanting to get accomplished before the baby comes as well as getting my pantry stocked a bit more this month.  So I’m taking some time off from blogging over the next month or so…it will be very random when I do post 😉 

Ohhh yeah…and school starts back this month!!!  I’m a little overwhelmed at starting school and having a baby at the same time, however, I’m trying to be ultra proactive in being more organized than normal.  This week, I’m gathering school supplies, making meal plans for the next month and altering my schedule to work with my down time. Lately,  I’ve learned a lot from some more experienced homeschooling moms which has helped me put a lot of things in perspective.  We’re excited about the upcoming school year, the coming fall weather and the arrival of the new baby. 

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