Out of Postpartum Hiding Blogging Return

Wow… I’ve been really distracted with life lately.  I have a 7 week old newborn who has completely and totally changed my life yet again and has caused me to been keenly aware that I’m not my own!  Thankfully, the fussy all-nighters she was pulling a few weeks ago have subsided and although she still wakes throughout the night–at least she nurses and goes right back to sleep. 

I’ve enjoyed the time off from blogging being on a sleepless baby moon, however, I’m a little antsy to get back to writing in cyber space.  Writing is theraputic for me.  I’m turning over in my head how to proceed over here on Penny Pantry after such a long break. 

Stay tuned for my “out of postpartum hiding” blogging posts coming up the rest of this week and next…. 

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