Blogging Return Update

I’ve been missing from the blogsphere.  We’ve had a hard time getting back on schedule after the floods.  We’re still not recovered from it all.  There is still so much work to do outside and restocking my freezers is taking a lot longer than I anticipated. 

A large portion of our time has been spent in the garden trying to get it up and growing.  It’s finally taking off and we are really excited about all the garden vegetables.  I’ll be posting more on how gardening can really help cut the grocery bill and add to your pantry and freezer stockpile. 

Stay tuned….

2 comments on “Blogging Return Update

  1. I’ve missed your posts….but don’t hurry! Rest for that baby of yours and take care of your family 🙂

  2. Thanks Holly…  Things are settling into a groove it seems….. maybe….at least for a little while maybe it will be smoother sailing

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