Super Savings on Groceries This Week

Here’s my weekly super savings on groceries post.  In this picture, I ended up spending $59.78 and saved $59.59 using coupons and sales.  I have a lot of items missing in the picture, like the huge bag of bananas and the large bag of grapes the kids ate already!  I also have fresh collard greens and romaine lettuce in the refrigerator, 6 packages of frozen peas in the freezer and 4 large  “greenwise” chicken already frozen.  (boy,  I can’t wait to restock my freezer with farm fresh chicken and pastured lamb!)

The only thing I paid full price for was the organic Pacific Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup cartons.  They were around $2.69, but they make the best addition to vegetable beef soup which was on my menu this week.  Costco occasionally carries this soup in a box of 6 and it is by far the cheapest place I’ve seen to purchase it. (EDIT: Here’s a link for printable organic Pacific Foods coupons)

The baby wipes were .99 cents, the feminine products were .38 cents a package, most of the apples were .77 cents lb, the Classico was around $1 a jar….the oranges, onions and other apples were a great deal too!

My pantry tithe this week is the 10 cans of beans (8 Progresso black beans and two Bush’s pinto).  I paid around .40 cents a can.

Over all it was a good trip, however, I am looking to super size my efforts and focus on bringing home more pantry basics like the Hunts sauce, canned veggies and canned beans (hopefully with the Publix Stock Up and Save Event)

And is any one else craving warmer weather and fresh vegetables from the garden!!!!

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  1. Wow, that was great!
    I don’t purchase many canned or packaged foods to be able to use coupons, but my main savings this week was on Muir Glen 14.5 oz. specialty fire-roasted tomatoes in the adobo and chipotle flavors.  They were on sale at Whole Foods so I bought a case which qualified for an additional 10% off of the sales price.  I ended up paying $1.50 per can which is a pretty decent savings on these since they’re organic.  No coupons, but we use them often to add to soups and stews so we  like to pick up extra when they’re on sale.  I believe they’re regularly around $2.49/can.  We’ve found that this beats any sales price plus coupons at our regular grocery here.
    I don’t have a link, but y’all can check with your local Whole Foods.  Not sure when the sale ends, but they’re always putting different items on sale each month.

  2. That is  alot for the money. I love when I go to IGA and they’re having a buy one get one free, especially on roast . I have saved over 5o dollars buying 4 roast and getting 4 free. Love the site.

  3. Thanks for the tip at Whole Foods.  I used to buy organic rice milk by the case and get the 10% discount!

    Did you see the printable coupons on the Whole Foods website????

    If you have a Publix, they have a coupon for $1 off any 2 Muir Glen products in the Stock Up and Save booklet.  It’s only good at Publix though.  I also always look for Muir Glen coupons on the coupons internet printable site.

  4. Great Job!! Great foods at a great price! I will be also using the tip on the rice milk!! thats all we use!

  5. I plan on stocking up on bread, bagels and buns at the bakery outlet and chicken and beef this week at Meijer.  It’s not organic or grass fed, I’m sure, but it’s what will have to do for us for a while.  We bought a freezer from a friend last week, so now we have two freezers and an extra refrigerator in the basement to stock our extra baked goods and meat.  Also all the produce I hope for us to have from our garden!  Yes! We are very ready for our homegrown fresh produce!!

  6. I love the website. Love all the help I get from you. GB

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