Regina Wine Vinegar for $.50 cents at Publix!!!

I’ve been making a list of all the contents I lost in my refrigerator and freezers from the power being out last week because of the disaster floods here in Tennessee.  I went to Publix without a plan being that I had been out of contact with the world for a while and didn’t know what the deals were, however, I was able to find a few deals that helped out. 

One of the deals I found was the Regina Wine Vinegar for $.50 cents at Publix.  It is on sale (I think an advantage buy sale) for 2 for $3.  Many of the bottles had bottle tag coupons for $50 cents off…which were doubled in my area making the final cost for each bottle…… $.50 cents!!  Sweet deal for the wine vinegars and great item to have around in your pantry!  I use it all the time for making salad dressings or for marinades for meats. 

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