Potatoes for .20 cents a pound!!!!

If your looking for a deal on potatoes, I found a good deal for you!  Sav-A-Lot has a huge 50 lb bag of potatoes for $9.99 or about .20 cents a pound.  

Potatoes store well in cool weather and of course, the potato has a thousand uses!  We use lots of potatoes to stretch our meals with!

Sav-A-Lot also has online printable coupons available for their store here

4 comments on “Potatoes for .20 cents a pound!!!!

  1. There is a man who everyone refers to as the “Tater Man” who brings a semi load of 50 lb. bags of potatoes down every 2 or 3 months.  The last time he had them for 7.99 each.  We grabbed 2 at that price!!  I am going to try pressure canning some of them.  Also you could make shepherds pie for the freezer and use alot of mashed potatoes that way.

  2. Where does he bring them?  To a farmer’s market? Is it a food buying co-op? 

    That is a great price!  I haven’t pressure canned any potatoes yet…but that would be a great way to store them. 

    Great idea with the shepherds pie in the freezer…I’ve done that before and it freezes well. 

  3. He actually just comes to town, parks in a parking lot, opens the back semi-trailer doors and sells right out of the truck.  He goes to several nearby towns with a new load.  There are actually people who buy the potatoes from him then turn around and take them to their town and sell them again. 

    I’ve frozen potato soup too and it has always turned out well too.  From what I’ve read about using pressure canned potatoes that you can even slice them up and saute with onions for “fried potatoes”.  Hopefully I’ll get to them soon.  We’ve all been suffering from a respiratory virus and even put our asthmatic son in the hospital for 3 nights.  Thankfully, potatoes store good in a cool, dry place. 🙂

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