Great Deal for the Health Conscious- Free Sambucol

CVS has been running a great deal on Sambucol black elderberry extract.  It was a January promotion that is also going to be continued to a February promotion.  Here is the promotion:

Buy the 4 oz Sambucol Black Elderberry Extract for $12.99 and get $10 in extra care bucks back.  If you are unfamiliar with CVS, extra care bucks are basically a coupon that prints out attached to the end of your receipt that will be worth $10.  You can use this coupon to buy something else right then or use it on a later date.

To make the deal even better, if you use the $2 of any $10 worth of non-prescription items purchased CVS coupon and then send in the $10 rebate that Sambucol is offering off the purchase of any of their products… you end up making some money off the deal and getting something that actually works great for fighting colds, runny noses, coughs, fevers and more…

Here is a printable $2 off $10 CVS coupon.  Expires 1-31-08 !!!

Here is the printable Sambucol rebate form.

Deal breakdown:

  • You buy Sambucol for $12.99
  • Use the $2 off $10 printable CVS store coupon (expires 1-31-08)
  • You pay $10.99 plus tax
  • You get a $10 ECB (extra care buck) printed out at the end of your receipt.
  • You send in your original receipt showing item purchased to the Sambucol rebate and they send you a $10 check.

CVS also has a lot of other great deals this week so check out Money Saving Mom and  I love CVS frugal mom websites for more info on the deals and how to do them.  I plan on taking a trip into town to stock up on some paper products (toliet paper, diapers etc.) for a great price using my $10 extra bucks from the Sambucol deal and some coupons that I have.

FYI:  My extra care bucks did not print out for the Sambucol deal and when I called customer service about it, they said that there were some issues with the promotion that were causing these ECB’s not to be triggered.  (not in all cases-they were working on it)  She issued my coupon to my account so if this happens to you, just call them.

8 comments on “Great Deal for the Health Conscious- Free Sambucol

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I loved the two links! We have a CVS near us and I shop the deals often! My dear hubby just went with a detailed list and lots of coupons in hand! (I’d go but I’m not feeling too well today and he needed to get out to do some other things.)


    P.S. Did you notice that the “IloveCVS” gal has ads from two weeks from now? I am going to couponclippers and stocking up on some coupons. Oh, and don’t forget to print out one of the “so much off of so much” coupons…I just printed a “save $15 off of $75”! It’s basically getting 20% off of everything!

    Can you tell I’m a wee bit excited about a good deal?! : )

  2. Yes…I was looking at those today…..The “i love cvs site” has the Feb. month long deals paper insert posted. There are weekly deals and month long ones. You have to read the fine print to find out which ones are limit one and which ones you can do more than once.

    The good deal on the t.paper is a jan. deal that is limit 5. That is an amazing deal — The deal on the Johnson’s cotton swabs is good too— and a decent diaper deal

  3. Hi Beth-
    I’m loving your posts. I was wondering about the Elderberry at CVS…I went to CVS in Dickson today and they did not carry that..are all CVS suppose to have it? Just wondering if you had any other info

  4. My experience with the Dickson CVS is that everything was gone all of the time when I lived near there…. occasionally I would get some of the deals…but I think someone or a group of savvy shoppers live there and grab everything ????

    The CVS store that I was at…said they just started carrying the Sambucol. So I was assuming it was a CVS new product, not just one store carrying it (otherwise they wouldn’t run the monthly ebc deal on it)

    The Sambucol deal at CVS also is also not limit 1….but limit 5 according to the customer service rep. I talked to today! However the rebate that you mail in is limit 1. (The rebate is completely seperate from CVS.)

  5. I would call and ask the store if you would like to make sure. I have done that before. I won’t make the trip if they are out of it….

  6. The dickson store did tell me when they had new shipments arrive each week but i have forgotten when that was…

  7. Great, thanks Beth…I was in Dickson for some other errands today…so I just stopped in to see if they had it…I’ll call some others to see if they have it.

    Thanks again for your help

  8. I have to add that our northern Indiana CVS didn’t have the Sambucol either when my husband stopped in to get it. (He did get a lot of other great deals!) I do have an odd question, though…how exactly do you give it and when? I know there’s some information on the website you linked to but I was wondering what you all do with it?



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