A Good Publix Grocery Trip

If you have a Publix Store nearby…. you can really stock up your pantry by shopping their BOGO deals.  BOGO meaning buy one, get one free!  And then add coupons… Wow..what a combo!

I’ve recently adjusted my grocery shopping strategy and have been mainly using Aldi grocery stores, Costco and Publix.  I only shop the sales at Publix.  They run decent to pretty good deals each week.

This week they had a great deal on Welchs grape juice which they have priced at my Publix for $3.91  (other stores it is priced around $3.51).  This week it was BOGO $3.91 which was a great deal….but the deal was sweeter with the Welchs coupons I had and Publix store coupons for free Welchs grape jelly when you buy 2 Welchs juice.  I bought over $30 worth of juice and jelly for about $7.  I was pretty pleased with that.

I also stocked up on Solo plastic cups and plates….BOGO $3.29 minus the coupons.  Paying about $.89 cents for each package of cups and plates isn’t too shabby.

I also was able to score napkins, greek yogurt, and Dove chocolate for a fraction of the cost by combining sales with coupons.

I’m looking forward to putting sales and coupons and Publix together next year for a ravishingly good time ;-)

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