Update on Penny Pantry and the Tennessee Flood Disaster

This isn’t supposed to be a lake….it was our neighbor’s cow pasture and hay field. 

Many of you know that Tennessee was hit hard by a devastating flood on May 1st and 2nd of 2010.  Devastating is often a word that is thrown around and meaningless to a lot of people but when I say devastating…. I mean it in the truest sense of the word.  Our community (and other Tennessee communities) was devastated by a major, historic flood that many have said is a 1,000 year flood. 

We were out of power and water last week.  Our electricity is finally back up and while I am still using bottled water, our water is normalizing (we have a spring but others are still out of running water). 

I will not be blogging regularly this week as I try to get my house back in order from the chaos of the flood week.  Our family and home are safe.  We had some property damage.  I lost the food in two refrigerator/freezers and the food in one large freezer, so I will be actively trying to replace all that food over this next month.  Hopefully, I can hit some really great stock up sales and get back on track with my pantry and freezer stockpiles!  I was able to go to the grocery store last night for the first time in a while and get some necessary replacement items and food for the week.  I found Kelloggs granola cereal on sale at Publix and used some $1 off coupons.  I was able to stock up on some cereal for $.90 cents a box! 

One of the major changes that I will be implementing in my pantry stockpile after experiencing this flood disaster is I will be keeping more “convenience” foods like granola bars and cereal as well as things like peanut butter and canned fruit, dried fruit and bottled water.  It’s great to store dry beans, rice and grain, but not helpful if you have no power or running water!  Always keep bottled water!!!!

3 comments on “Update on Penny Pantry and the Tennessee Flood Disaster

  1. Oh my! It sounds like quite a time of uncertainty!! I am so sorry that you lost so much food, but I bet if you are able yet to pull out and look at the big picture you can see how merciful God was to you all.  You sound like a true pioneer….already assessing the damage and looking for ways to fare better if you ever go through something like this again! 😉 Aren’t you glad your morning sickness was over when this happened ?? 🙂  And if your boys are anything like mine, they saw this whole thing as one big adventure!! Take care, and we’ll be praying that you all are up and running soon!

  2. My kids had a blast last week without power and running water…..  and when I gave them a basket of clothes and a basket of dishes to go wash in the spring….they thought it was some sort of reward!  It was a true adventure for them and they didn’t mind it one bit.

    Even with the power and water back on…we are a lot more mindful of how wasteful we can be!  It has sure changed our outlook on a lot of things. 

    I can’t tell you how many times I thanked God for not being in the throws of morning sickness….or being due with the baby or being postpartum…. 

  3. Some additional thoughts…..We are so thankful to be safe….it’s sorta a sobering feeling.  It’s unreal how much devastation is around us though.  I can’t drive anywhere without seeing incredible ..hard to believe pictures.  Today on our way to our piano lessons, we drove through miles of home after home …(and vehicle after vehicle) ..destroyed….completely lost…. with peoples life’s belongings strewn out along the sides of the road…furniture, clothing, children’s toys, tools and equipment…insulation, brick, siding, metal mangled together.  

    Us losing a pasture…and hundreds of dollars worth of fencing and lots of hours of work that went into that fencing and pasture land—or refrigerators and freezers of food is nothing compared to what some families have lost all around us.   

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