Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein Recall and Food Safety

Another food recall!  This time it’s not the spinach or peanuts!   HVP or Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein is a food additive added to a wide variety of processed foods that is being recalled now.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) March 5, 2010– U.S. food regulators announced a voluntary recall on Thursday of food made with a common flavoring that could be contaminated with salmonella bacteria but did not estimate how broad the recall will be.

The flavoring — hydrolyzed vegetable protein — is used in soups, sauces, hot dogs, snack foods, dressings and dips and is made by privately held Basic Food Flavors Inc of Las Vegas, Nevada.

“At this time there are no known illnesses associated with this contamination and obviously we’d like to keep it that way,” FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg told reporters in a teleconference.

“The manufacturer had many first-level consignees who obviously had individuals who had firms that they sold to who sold to the other firms,” said Dr. Jeff Farrar, associate commissioner for food safety at FDA’s Office of Foods.

“We expect this to get larger over the next several days, actually several weeks,” Farrar said.

A handful of companies have recalled products ranging from dips, potato chips and dressings to tofu, burritos and pasta. They include T. Marzetti, a unit of Lancaster Colony Corp, which said on March 1 it was recalling various dips.

You can read the full article, U.S. recalls common flavoring after contamination for more information.

Here is another resource for a variety of articles on the subjects as well as information about what foods are included in the recall.  Walmart and Safeway have pulled products sold in their stores too.  Here’s a brief list of some Walmart products involved in the recall:  several different sizes, kinds and flavors of dressings and dips as well as some snack food items.  Some Brands include: T. Marzetti, Oak Lake Farms, Great Value Ranch Chip Dips (Walmart Brand), Tim’s Cascade Snacks, and Reser’s Fine Foods brand.

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