Thanksgiving Bake and Blog: Martha Stewart Pumpkin Cheesecake

I’ve run into several bumps in the road…. first one, a very non-cooperative 2 year old boy who I just handed off to his dad….then missing the pumpkin puree for Martha’s cheesecake and several nursing breaks…and my camera is really having problems…….  I was going to make this:

Martha Stewart’s Pumpkin Cheesecake

However, I’m fresh out of pumpkin….so I’m trying it with sweet potato.  I’m hoping I won’t botch Martha’s perfectly lovely pumpkin cheesecake recipe…but I’m sure it will turn out just perfect.  I hope.  Looks and tastes yummy so far….I’ll let you know how it bakes up!  It’s heading into the oven in 10 min….

The cornbread dressing is in the oven and smelling up the house heavenly.  However, I just remembered I forgot to add shredded apples.  That’s the secret ingredient for making it out-of-this-world moist!  Ohh well…I’m not redoing it now. 

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