Thanksgiving Bake and Blog: Finishing UP

I finished up the deviled eggs a little while ago.  I could have made 6 dozen deviled eggs and I think we would eat them all before the day is up tomorrow.  We love deviled eggs around here! 

I decided to also make celery sticks with cream cheese filling since I have left over celery and cream cheese. 

The modified Martha Stewart Pumpkin Sweet Potato Cheesecake is in the oven smelling wonderful!  I put some of the batter in some smaller individual size baking pans so we I can have a taste of it tonight. 

I still have to make the mashed potatoes and my daughter wants to make banana pudding.  I’ll put together the salad in the morning after we get the turkey on.  Our guests are bringing other vegetable dishes and desserts.  We’re looking forward to the feast tomorrow and giving Thanks to the Lord for His kind care and loving providence in our lives!

Now that my house is a complete disaster after 5 boys have been on the loose most of the day…I should get them fed and assigned housekeeping duties before they are off to bed. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

2 comments on “Thanksgiving Bake and Blog: Finishing UP

  1. Oh my your Thanksgiving dinner sounds so wonderful!!! Hope you have a blessed day 🙂

  2. Everything sounds delicious…..especially the eggs, we are also HUGE deviled egg fans 🙂

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