Stocking Freezer with Beef, Pork and Lamb

One of the key things that makes my Penny Pantry easy is having a freezer stocked with meat!  Meat is also one of the most expensive food items to buy!  We moved to our farm several years ago and one of the first things we focused on was raising our own meat.  It wasn’t as difficult as what I imagined, but it was extra work…well worth it though!

We just picked up some of our home grown meat from the butcher.  We took in a pig, small weaned cow and lamb earlier than normal, but because of loosing our freezer of food from our electricity being out for a week, we decided to take them in sooner.  I ended up with just enough meat to make it until our next butchering time. 

That box in the freezer has the lamb meat in it.  A 70 lb live weight lamb gave us 25 pounds of meat.  They do not have a high ratio of meat like the pork and beef do.  We’ve already tried the beef and it is delicious!


I have over 48 lbs of pork sausage separated into 1/3 mild, 1/3 medium and 1/3 hot.  I packaged it in 2 lb packages just because of our family size or else I would recommend 1 lb packages for the sausage.  The rest of the pork I had turned into sliced sugar cured hams. 

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