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If you have made a New Year’s resolution that has anything to do with cooking healthy, loosing weight, regaining control over meal planning, saving money by cooking at home etc.etc.  I think the Plan to Eat meal planning tool would help you!

I’ve been using Plan to Eat for a while now and love it.

The monthly meal planner is at the heart of Plan to Eat. Easily drag recipes from your recipe book to create your meal plan, and then add additional ingredients, events and notes. You can also change the number of servings, easily view and print recipes and export your meal plan to other calendar programs to sync your meal plan with your schedule.  You can keep up with calorie intake and serving sizes as well.

It is super easy to plan a month of meals in very little time.  The dragging and dropping and instant ability to rearrange on a calendar is awesome.  My other favorite feature is the ability to instantly import a recipe I find on the Internet by using the handy dandy quick import to recipe book button that I installed on my tool bar.  It is sorta like a Pinterest “Pin It” button only it “pins” the new recipe I found to my recipe book quickly and easily for later use.


Here’s how it works:

  • Extensive, Custom Recipe Book: You create an online recipe book that has recipes that you import from websites, blogs or  you can input them from your cookbooks or recipe box.  You can see nutritional values, change serving sizes automatically (which is a huge plus for our big family), and all the recipes are searchable and can be tagged (like Mexican dishes, Easy lunches, vegetarian, soups etc.).  It also keeps track of how often you have planned that specific food or recipe.  Tired of having lasagna 3 times a week… you can easily space out your meals and try new things because you can quickly drag and drop.
  • Drag and Drop Meal Planner: Quickly drag and drop recipes over to your calendar in the breakfast, lunch, supper and snack.  You can also add individual ingredients, notes and events to your calendar.   I love the ability to visually see our week and quickly drag recipes, notes, events to different days on the calendar.  I can also quickly delete and rearrange items.
  • Automated Shopping List Maker: Immediately creates your shopping list!  The shopping list based is created from your meal plan.  I go through my shopping list and put anything that I already have back in to my pantry by clicking ” To Pantry”.
  • Lots of cool features like “cook from the pantry” options.  I can also import items into my pantry and then click the cook from my pantry option and have it pull recipes from my recipe book that I can make based on what ingredients I have.  It will also tell me what recipes I could almost make…like missing 1 ingredient to make Chicken Pasta or missing 2 ingredients to make Banana Bread.
  • Mobile Ready: I love, LOVE this feature!!!  Have a iPhone or Android other smart phone?  Plan To Eat is mobile ready!  Easy shopping list right off your phone from your meal plan.  I check off my grocery shopping list right on my phone.  If I run across an ingredient that I am unsure of what recipe it is for and why I need it, it cross references the ingredients with the recipes those ingredients are used in.  So you can click on the ingredient you need to buy and it will tell you which meals you are using that ingredient in.
  • Share your recipe book with friends…. socially interactive.  I can share my recipe book or a portion of my recipes with other friends.  Neat tool to try out other recipes and interact with other meal planners.
  • They have a free month trial so you can try it out!  After that it is $39 for the year or $4.95 a month.  You can also earn credit for referring people who end up using Plan To Eat.
  • They have a useful blog.  They post interesting recipes on their blog and great cooking tips.

I’ve found it very helpful in saving me time and allowing me to almost effortlessly plan a large menu for a large family with minimal time.  The biggest time investment is in the beginning when you make your recipe book.  Once you get a basic recipe book put together…you’re good to go!   Great tool for getting your daughters involved in meal planning and grocery shopping.  My daughter uses Plan To Eat often to plan meals, look up recipes and add new recipes she finds.

The Plan To Eat meal planning tool has made meal planning quick,  fun and enjoyable.  Check it out here:  Plan to Eat


You can take a virtual tour of the meal planning tool and learn all about it on their website.


Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

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Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat