Meal Planning with Tuna

Currently, I am making weekly meal plans.  I hope to move up to monthly meal planning and more freezer planning again starting in the summer, but so far, weekly meal planning works well too. 

This week, I made a large batch of tuna for some of our lunches this week using the bulk sized tuna that comes in the giant can you can buy in bulk from Sams or Costco.  For most families, the smaller cans that are packaged in packs of 6 or 8 might be a better deal and prevent you from eating tuna breakfast, lunch and supper for the week.  For us, the bigger can works out better. 

I put mayonnaise, chopped apple, chopped cucumber, celery seed in my tuna.  I sometimes alter it and put chopped celery too.  I’ve found that tuna keeps in a covered dish really well for several days.  I’m not sure how much longer because we always use it by then. 

What to do with tuna?

  1. Tuna Sandwiches.  Plain ol’ tuna sandwiches for lunch is a favorite around here. 
  2. Grilled tuna and cheese sandwiches.  We love grilled sandwiches.  By adding a little cheese, you can quickly transform the plain ol’ tuna sandwich into a warm grilled treat. 
  3. Tuna melts.  We add just about anything and everything to tuna melts.  Start by lining up single pieces of bread on your cookie sheet, spread out the tuna, add sliced or chopped onions and green or red peppers and sprinkle cheese on top.  Pop in the oven until the cheese is melted and eat like pizza. 
  4. Tuna noodles.  Another easy lunch!  Add tuna to cooked egg noodles or macaroni noodles along with some cheese and a bit of milk. 
  5. Tuna patties.  Occasionally, we make cooked tuna patties.  Same concept as a hamburger only with tuna. 

For lunch meal planning, I love lunches that do not dirty up dishes.  When I use sandwiches and fruit, nuts, chips or other hand non-messy foods, I can get away with using a paper towel or napkin for the “plate”.  It makes for quick clean up too! 

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