Lost Leftovers in the Refrigerator

Please tell me this doesn’t just happen to me!!!  Have you ever opened your refrigerator and found the container of leftovers shoved in the back….that you forgot about and wish you would have used. 

Last week, I had a container of leftover spiced apples that I had forgotten about.  The container was shoved in the back where I couldn’t see them…so when I made pancakes a few days later…I opened up a new can of apples and made another batch of spiced apples.  In the process of making the batch of spiced apples, I found the container of leftover spiced apples!  I could have just heated them up instead of starting a new batch!  Thankfully, the leftover spiced apples were not long lost and our only problem was that we were eating lots of spiced apples for breakfast and lunch for two days. 

It reminded me to keep inventory of my refrigerator and use up any leftovers as soon as possible. The times that we do have  leftovers, I’m determined to use them wisely and incorporate them into my weekly meal planning.  Here are some things I thought of: 

  1. Keep a mental note of what you put in the refrigerator the day before. 
  2. Remind my daughters to remind me of food in the refrigerator that we need to use.  They are good a keeping me on track with reminders!
  3. Write it down if you aren’t a mental note taker. 
  4. Try daily meal planning.  Try to use up leftovers from the day before by incorporating them into that day’s meals. 

How do you keep up with leftovers?

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