Breakfast Meals with Bulk Foods

Meal Planning Monday-  Breakfast in Bulk (Yes…posting this a day late 😉

This Meal Planning Monday, I decided to talk a little bit about Breakfast in Bulk.  My 11 year old daughter usually plans the breakfast meals.   She  likes to stick to a consistent plan for breakfast.  We do that because it is easier when you are making meals for 10+ people!  We’ve never been a family that could get away with just a smoothie for breakfast.  We are a smoothie plus family so we cook a lot for breakfast.  Occasionally, we will make waffles or something unusual that takes a bit more time and effort, but usually we stick to a list of basic breakfast ideas and add variations to that.

    Oatmeal (I buy 50 lb bags of bulk oats)
    Grits (I buy 25 to 50 lb bags of corn grits white and yellow but am looking for an organic source now)
    Pancakes (I buy 45 lb pails and 50 lb bags of grain to grind for flour and other bulk ingredients for pancakes)
    Scrambled Eggs / Baked Eggs / Quiche (my younger boys gather a bulk amount of eggs for us and customers daily)
    French Toast
    Hot cereal – Cream of Wheat (I buy now in smaller bulk packages, but have been told I can grind my own cream of wheat by adjusting my grain mill settings.)

Within our basic breakfast ideas we have variations as well.  For oatmeal, we may sauté or add cooked apples and cinnamon to our oatmeal.  Other times, we may add strawberries and fresh cream or peaches and cream to our oatmeal.

We also use variations when we make pancakes.  Sometimes we make crepes and stuff them with eggs or with cream cheese.  We also use a variety of toppings on our pancakes and crepes.

Since we usually have an abundant supply of eggs, we use many different types of egg variations.  From all sorts of omelets to to quiches, eggs are an amazing food that you can turn into many different types of meals.

When we have an abundant supply of pork, I do incorporate bacon and sausage into our breakfast meals.

Breakfast Meal Plan:

Monday: Grits with cheese / toast / fruit
Tuesday: Cream of wheat with toppings / fruit
Wednesday: Omelets/ tortillas / sliced oranges
Thursday: Baby Dutch Pancakes with cooked apples and cream / sliced oranges
Friday: Spiced apple and cream oatmeal / toast
Saturday: Pancakes / eggs/ fruit
Sunday: Scrambled eggs / tortillas /fruit

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  1. Hi,
       This is excellent.  Just what I was looking for.   We  just don’t eat pig.
    I guess you could say we kinda eat like the clean and unclean Levitical diet.  Anyways thanks so much for the post.  You have lots of great info.


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