Save Money By Growing Herbs in Your Kitchen

You can save money by growing kitchen herbs in a container or flower pot on the kitchen counter or in the kitchen window.  Fresh herbs like basil, chives, dill and parsley grown in the the kitchen window allow the homemaker to add fresh zest and flavor to home cooked meals easily and inexpensively.  Don’t buy those expensive herb packages at the grocery store!  You can grow a lot of kitchen herbs for literally pennies compared to expensive cut herbs for sale at your local grocery store.

If you have a kitchen window, you can find a variety of contianers in which will fit nicely and house your herb plants. A garden planter pot to sit on the counter near the window works nicely as well.  I like to mix my herbs.  For example, in one container, I’ll have a variety of herbs growing.  I’ll pick little sprigs off the plant and throw in a bit to whatever dish I am making.

Herb seeds are very cheap.  You can find cheap seeds at Walmart or Dollar Store during the spring and early summer months.  Or you can order seeds online.  If you are wanting to jump start growing herbs in your kitchen, you can buy already starter plants in the Spring and early summer and pot them in your kitchen planter pot.  These herbs usually take off pretty quickly under the right conditions and will allow you to start using your fresh herbs more quickly than if you started them from seed.

Growing herbs in your kitchen is so rewarding and is one of those things that just make you smile when you look at your plant thriving or when you are able to actually use the fresh herbs you are growing!  I love it!

Here’s a short list of popular kitchen herbs and their uses:

Basil: Lots of varieties available.  You can sprinking basil leaves on salad and add to tomato dishes.  You can add basil leaves to garlic bread or pizza dishes.

Oregano: Oregano is the pizza herb!  It is also great for making stock, soup, spaghetti, chili and stew.

Mint: Mint does best in a planter pot all of it’s own.  It has a very invasive and extensive root system that likes to take over!  You can use mint to make tea or to add to your black tea for flavor.

Chives: Chives have a mild onion flavor.  You can chop it and add it to dips and to salads.  Chives are great on baked potatoes and in potato soup!  It’s a beautiful plant, too!

Sage: Sage is a very versatile plant that has either purple leaves or silvery green leaves.  You can use sage leaves to add flavor to soups or use  in a meat marinade.

Sorrel: Sorrel’s young leaves can be used in salads or dips for a light lemony tang.  You can add larger leaves to omelettes or quiches.

Dill: I love dill!  The plant is a beautiful soft baby fern like plant.  You can use chopped up sprigs of the plant in egg salad, tuna salad, baked fish or to sprinkle over fresh sliced tomatoes or cucumbers.  You can allow it to seed and dry the seeds for use in pickling, salads and fish dishes.

Thyme: This herb grows very nice in planter pots.  You can add Thyme leaves to meat and poultry dishes as well as a variety of soups.

Marjoram: This plant loves sunshine for sure.  You can use fresh leaves in cheese and meat dishes.  I use it in veggie soups too.

Parsley: Parsley is useful in a lot of different ways.  You can juice fresh parsley with carrots, other greens and apples for a refreshing healthy drink.  Parsley can be used as a beautiful garnish.  Parsley can also be chopped and put in salads.

There are a whole lot of other wonderful herbs that do well as kitchen herbs!  I really do enjoy having fresh, healthy herbs growing in my kitchen.  It not only saves me a lot of money but it allows me to add flavor and extra nutrition to my meals.

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