Delicious Breakfast Crepes

We love crepes!  Crepes make breakfast all the more wonderful!  We make crepes several times each month, sometimes once a week and I don’t think I’ve made them the same way twice. 

You can top crepes with most any type of fruit topping.  I usually use frozen fruit, like strawberries, add a little water and sweetener and let them boil into a wonderful smelling and great tasting fruit syrup crepe topping.  Today, instead of sugar, I added small amount of black strap molasses as the sweetener.  It wasn’t as “sweet” as sugar, but it was still delicious as well as much more nutritious than sugar.  Black strap molasses has a high iron content and I have been using it whenever I can to help boost my iron levels. 

I took a basic crepe recipe and embellished it a bit by adding a bit of cinnamon, a dab of vanilla, a bit of molasses and just a tad more flour to thicken them a bit more so they weren’t paper thin. has a lot of crepe recipes to choose from.  I also found several crepe recipes in cookbooks I had as well.  Basically crepes are eggs, milk, flour, a bit of oil and salt.  Crepes are a great thing to make when you need to use up eggs!

I also skimmed some cream off of our raw cow’s milk and made whipped cream by shaking it up in a mason jar for a few minutes.  I rolled cream cheese in the crepes, added the strawberry fruit topping and the raw whipped cream….it was delicious!  Just what I needed…all without sugar and using basic ingredients that I had on hand.  (Except the cream cheese–I haven’t figured out how to make that yet!)

  Little overboard on the whipped cream don’t you think???   

 I splurge on it…a lot!!

2 comments on “Delicious Breakfast Crepes

  1. The Nourishing Traditions cookbook has a recipe for making your own cream cheese. Raw milk! so jealous 🙂

    • Thanks for the tip on the cream cheese….  I’ll have to try this.  I don’t have the book yet though….

      Raw milk…. OHHH MY!!!  It’s worth gold!  We love having our own supply of it for our family! 

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