I want more feed…

I poorly planned breakfast around here this week and this morning was left with the option of rice….or rice.  I sometimes make rice and serve it with milk, honey and cinnamon.  My dad introduced that concoction to me years ago.  My kids love it.   

So this morning, my two year old sat on the kitchen stool talking away about all the usual things he likes to talk about, occasionally pausing to check up on me and make sure I was making him breakfast.  I bring out the big burlap bag of rice and plop it on the counter.  He’s quiet for a moment while he looks inquisitively at the big bag.  He’d never seen it before. Or at least he’s never seen me use it in the kitchen for breakfast. 

Then he says, “Mommy, we having peed?  I don’t want peed.  Pigs eat peed! ” 

Since I speak two languages: English and 2 Year Old English … I understood that the 2 year old English word “peed” is a double meaning word depending on the context in which it is used.  “I peed on the floor” is different than “we having peed?”.  I’d much rather hear the later usage than the first usage!

I understood that he was asking if we were having “feed” for breakfast and if we were, he wasn’t eating it.  He’s a farm boy and knows full well what a big burlap sack is for– feed for the pigs or chickens. 

I assured him it was people feed even though it looked like feed for the animals.  He wasn’t sure at first but after I fixed him a warm bowl of cinnamon, honey rice with milk and butter….he soon said, “I want more peed, please!”

3 comments on “I want more feed…

  1. Hehehe…that boy is hilarious!!

  2. Oh my gosh! I laughed so hard reading this. What a smart little guy!

  3. Cute story!!  We also do this breakfast when we have extra or leftover rice, another great way to use it up and all the kids love it too!

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