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Welcome to the Penny Pantry blog.  This blog is my journey to spending less and stocking more.  I have been learning how to build a useful pantry while saving money.  Lots of moms are looking for ways to drastically cut their grocery bill in our current depressed economy.  Many moms would love to have a stocked pantry, overflowing, filled to the brim with all sorts of food and household staple items.  But just exactly how do you build a great pantry?  A pantry that could weather a storm, feed an army or be ready for any and all situations to arise.  A pantry that you didn’t pay retail price for.  A pantry that you paid pennies for.

With a few tips and ideas and some encouragement, you can build a really great pantry.  When I was starting to learn about how to save money on groceries and build a pantry, I really loved looking at other mom’s pictures of their stockpile of food and household supplies that they paid pennies for.  It amazed me that someone could bring home 20 bags of groceries for $15.  More amazing than that, was that many times these women were bringing home free food and household supplies!  Who ever heard of such things!  I quickly learned what I could from these women and went on to figure out how to super size my savings and stock a pantry for my family all the while literally saving thousands of dollars.

I hope you can gain a wealth of money saving information here and be encouraged to build your own pantry for less!  I will be posting a lot of my past grocery deals for some encouragement along with lots of new “how to” information.

Check out my new e-book called The Penny Pantry.  It will be for sale here on the blog shortly, but I’ll leave you with part of the introduction.

It wasn’t too long ago that the average housewife took great care to build her pantry.  She thoughtfully considered her family size, likes and dislikes as well as nutritional values of different foods and built her family a pantry with a variety of foods and supplies that would aid her in her job of preparing meals for her family.

In a culture dependent on the 24 hour stuff-mart, building a large pantry may be  considered Grandma’s old fashion idea.  Building a home pantry is a lost art that many women would love to rediscover!  I rediscovered Grandma’s pantry idea and am hooked on the idea of building my own pantry store within my 4 walls.  There is such a deep and gratifying satisfaction when a woman has a pantry filled with food for her family.  A woman that has a stocked pantry is a free woman.  She is not subject to want or need because of lack of preparation.  She isn’t stressed because there is no food in the house nor is she dependent on the grocery store to being open every hour or day.  A woman who focuses on building a pantry can rest in the fact that her managerial skills in building a pantry will benefit her and her family by not only saving large amounts of money, but offering great peace of mind.

Beautiful country style pantry from Country Living

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