Drastically Cut the Grocery Bill with Coupons

For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how a little coupon could save so much money.  I had stumbled upon women who were saving so much money! I wanted a pantry filled to the brim!  I wanted to pay $14 for $100 worth of groceries!

It didn’t take long for me to learn a few strategic coupon moves and that was the end of paying full price for groceries ever again!  I figured out how a measly little coupon could be big money in my pocket!

  • You have to combine store sales with coupons to make a dent.  I absolutely love Publix.  They have the best buy one, get one free sales each week (which basically means the items ring up 1/2 price).  When I combine coupons with these BOGO sales, I net a huge savings.  I stock up as much as I can and have found that these store sales trend around often.  So if you miss the sale on spaghetti sauce, it’s likely to come around in a few weeks on a different brand sauce and then in a few more weeks on a different brand.  There are many other stores that have great weekly sales when combined with coupons and rebates will help you put a huge dent in your grocery bill.

  • Learn the store.  You will do better at couponing if you “know thy store”.  Know the store policy.  Know the friendly cashiers.  Know the best time of day to shop.  Know if they clearance out items ever.  Know the store coupon policy.  Know the layout of the store.  The more you know, the easier it is.

  • Find out if the store accepts competitor coupons.  The Publix store that I most frequent accepts Target coupons because a Super Target is located right up the street from them.  I can use a Target coupon and a manufacturer coupon on the same item.  Very cool!

  • Find out if your store accepts internet printable coupons.  Even if you do not collect any Sunday paper coupons, you can do some really sweet deals just with internet printables (IP coupons).  You can print coupons off my sidebar.  Usually the limit is 2 prints per computer.  And Don’t ever copy coupons!  IT’S ILLEGAL!

  • Check the front of the store for store magazines or fliers or handouts that may have coupons in them.  I love store coupons because you can usually combine them or stack them with manufacturer coupons! Keep your eye out for blinkie machines.  You know those little machines attached to the store shelves that have a blinking light and spit out coupons…  Those machines can be huge goldmines.  I often find unexpected deals just waiting for me with those blinkie machines.  For example, I noticed a blinkie coupon machine with coupons for $1 off any 2 Hunts Tomato product.  It was attached to the shelf advertising Hunts Tomatoes BOGO .99 cents!  Which meant that I would be taking home free tomatoes!  The buy one get one free sale was .99 cents for 2 and the coupons were $1 off 2!  A penny overage and free food!  I was visibly very happy to find this deal and was very thankful for such a serendipitous find to help stock my pantry!

I hope to continue to post some more frugal ideas and tips for cutting grocery spending!  We could all use a break now days and what better way to save than to strategically make your money stretch on the bill we all have….groceries!

You can print free internet coupons off this site.  The limit is usually 2 prints per computer.

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