World War 2 Usborne Sticker Book


I have to say that I was not a big fan of sticker books.  The only sticker book I was familiar with was the one I had in 3rd grade filled with My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bear puffy, glitter and scratch and sniff stickers.  I loved it, but it was far from educational.  It was just fun.  So now I know educational sticker books are quite different.  Educational and fun!  We got a World War 2 Usborne sticker book a while back for our World War 2 studies.  It is a incredible book that is packed full of information about World War 2.  The stickers are high quality and are not only fun to use but when the kids are finished putting all the stickers in the book, the book is awesome!  It’s a great resource, reference and reading book!  It was a hit with my boys!


The WW2 Usborne Sticker Book was a great addition with Classical Conversations Cycle 2.  It’s packed with information about fighter planes, tanks, warships, submarines, war stories, D-Day.  It has maps and great illustrations!  It is very fascinating!


We loved working in these books and will be purchasing more sticker books to use in our other unit studies and to go along with our Classical Conversations studies.

To purchase Usborne Books, use my book consultant page!  There are other World War sticker books available.



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