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Many of us homeschoolers use Usborne books for our home school.  I’ve known about Usborne books for a long while and used many of these books over the years in my home and school.  My lovely sister-in-law is also a homeschooling mom and loves books and turned me on to becoming a Usborne consultant.  I was shocked at how easy and ZERO risk becoming a consultant was!  To become a book consultant you buy a book kit for $75.  You benefit by getting a box of books for $75 and the ability to buy any Usborne Books and More book or product at a great discount!  If you did nothing else,  it’s really worth every homeschooling mom becoming a consultant just for the $75 book box and consultant discount on the books!  However, because Usborne books are used in so many homeschooling curriculums, it is also worth buying your homeschool books in party formats for the benefit of earning free books and rewards.  If you are interested in what a book consultant is, check out this link here.

My family uses Usborne map books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, dry-erase activity books, reader books and more!  They are fantastic books!  I highly recommend them!  You can order your Usborne Books and More through my online website here.  I have a Online Sales Open Party you can order from on my Usborne & More Website and if you want to host a book party on Facebook, you can earn lots of free books!  So I will just highlight a few favorites in our homeschool.


We have some of the Wipe Clean Dry Erase books and they are perfect for kindergarten age kids! There are a variety of subjects from pen control, telling time, addition, subtraction, first letters, first words, upper case alphabet letters, lower case alphabet letters….. there are a lot of them!  They are fantastic because they use any dry erase marker, are well made, perfect size and truly educational.  My kindergartener loves these books and I am finding her handwriting skills and other basic knowledge skills are definitely being strengthened through these books.  She loves using dry erase markers!!!  I’ve tried the ones at Walmart— the Usborne wipe clean dry erase books are way better!

I bought a pack of Wipe Clean Dry Erase books.  They are sold individually as well.  Here is the link to the search results for the wipe clean books available:  Wipe Clean Books


My elementary age school kids are using the Big Picture Atlas for geography.  We draw lots of maps with our Classical Conversations curriculum and have found that the Usborne atlas books are absolutely essential for our home school.  Usborne carries several atlas books.  We have a few of them and have found them to be a great resource.  My kids are always referring back to them and using them as a reference to draw their own maps.

flapatlasThis is a pic of the Lift the Flaps Atlas.

Lift the Flap books are made much sturdier than typical flap books.  Lifting flaps also adds another dimension of learning for children.  Feeling and touching, moving, lifting, arranging aid in the learning process.  These are fantastic atlas geography books.  Very lively and engaging.


My middle to older kids use various Usborne encyclopedias.  We have the Usborne Encyclopedia of World History and also the encyclopedias of each of the time periods separated out.  The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History contains:  Prehistoric World (total evolution!), Ancient World, Medieval World and The Last 500 Years.  I prefer to have The Usborne Medieval World and the Usborne Ancient World as separate books.   Also, as a creationist, I do not like the pre-historic world view section contained in the full encyclopedia.  I would advise just purchasing the history encyclopedia sections separately, unless you want to know what the average evolutionist believes. The Medieval World and Ancient World books are great! So much information!

If you order through these links, you support me!  If you love Usborne Books and want to host a Facebook party and earn free books!  Let me know!  The hostess rewards are generous and it’s a lot of fun to discuss books anyway!!!!

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