Monday Morning House Cleaning Expectations

It’s Monday and I had grand plans for getting my house in order on Monday morning to start the week off right.  Pregnancy does strange things and in my case, it makes me completely intolerant of chaos.  I guess it is that nesting instinct going into hyper-drive.  However, all my good intentions of getting the house in order are still sitting on paper as great ideas and haven’t jumped off the page into reality. 

Reality is that our air conditioning  just went out and it’s incredibly, unseasonably hot and humid.  Reality messed up my grand intentions for making bulk spaghetti sauce today and catching up on laundry because now I’m not turning on anything that generates heat.  Reality is that I am 8 months pregnant.  Reality is that I’m also trying to potty train a 2 year old boy.  Instead, we are doing a general pickup, waiting on the AC people and getting ready to take a trip into town.

Most likely, my Monday morning house cleaning won’t get done today and I’m trying to be ok with that.  As a large family homemaker, I still have to force myself to be happy with flexibility, expect alterations to the plan and know that my reality doesn’t always match up to my expectations. 

Maybe tomorrow….or next week…

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  1. Ugh!! I’m not pregnant and I’m complaining about this insufferable heat and humidity!! You poor thing! Hope your air is up and running soon 🙂 Maybe while you are in town you can pick up some subs for dinner so you don’t have to cook ??!

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