Laundry Talk: clothesline drying and laundry soap

Wow this week flew by for us!  I’m going on my 3rd week of using my homemade dishwasher detergent.  I’m loving the fact that it is not only cheap to make, but it is working!  My dishwasher is on it’s last leg too, so that is really saying something for our old washer.  We do make sure to rinse the dishes off before we wash them….it isn’t a dishscrubber machine…so  I am sure that helps too! 

Also, I am saving my laundry detergent bottles in the hopes of making my own homemade laundry detergent someday soon.  I have been working my way through my laundry soap stockpile in the pantry.  I bought several jugs of ECOS laundry detergent from Costco back in the Fall when I used Costco coupons to purchase it for a really good price.  I also have several other jugs from Publix store sales and coupons, that I have picked up.  So I’ve recently had some good savings on laundry. 

In addition, the spring weather has enabled me to hang the clothes out on the line.  I’m amazed at how fast clothes dry on the line and all for free!  I love free sunshine and fresh air!  There is something about hanging clothes out on the line that is just plain therapeutic for me!  So instead of running my dryer this week, I mostly hung the enormous amount of laundry that we do every week out on the line this week for free drying.  That felt good!

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