December Means Soup

There are parts of every season that I love and parts that I dislike greatly.  I’m working on my New Year’s resolution of controlling my outlook and perspective on life to seeing things as being half full instead of half empty.  So, I will refrain from ranting about all the things I hate about the cold, bare winter. 

Winter has unique beauty and wonder.  When it’s cold outside, I absolutely love the warm fire blazing away and a homemade pot of warming soup simmering on the stove.  For our family, soup instantly becomes my friend.  I can start a large pot of vegetable soup, stew, chicken soup or chili in the morning and not only does it smell up the house with the fragrant aromas of “someone is taking care of this home and the hungry bellies who live here…” but it spurs me on to be more creative in other areas of my life.  A simple pot of soup frees me up and inspires me. 

So maybe I have a bit of winter cabin fever already…after all, I’m writing a ode’ to soup.  However, today, while the cold wind is blowing outside, inside my house there is a fire blazing and a simple pot of soup simmering on the stove.  I should fill my iron skillet with cornbread and really enjoy my soup for lunch. 

Get Soup Inspired:  link to some soup ideas and recipes from Martha Stewart

2 comments on “December Means Soup

  1. That’s what I should make for dinner tonight! Thanks!

  2. Just thinking the same thing! 
    I love the way our house smells–so homey–with soup on the stove
    and when it’s cold outside.

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