What to Buy in Bulk?

Do you buy in bulk?

You will find a wide array of articles on the web telling you what the best bulk deals are and what the worst bulk deals are.  I’ve never read one of these articles I completely agree with.  All families are different  and have different bulk food needs and goals.  What may be a good deal for one family, may be a bad deal for another.  For example the bulk olive oil is a great deal for our family, but to another family the large olive oil jug may go rancid before they can use it all so they may actaully save more money if they buy the smaller bottle.   Sure you may be able to find cheaper cereal using a coupon and a sale at the grocery store…but that’s if you find the deal and have the coupons and it is the cereal that your family uses.  Great bulk food deals seem to vary greatly depending on the family. 

Here’s an pictorial article entitled Warehouse Club vs. Grocery Store Prices: What to Buy in Bulk where it takes you through a pictorial guide of different food products at bulk food stores like Sams and Costco with a price break-down comparison with the grocery store. 

What items do you buy in bulk regularly? 

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