Soaring Costs for Thanksgiving Dinner

I’ve noticed an increase in food and gas prices since I’ve had my baby two months ago.  Maybe because I didn’t pay attention for almost two months, and now I’m getting back into the swing of things and getting out more now.  Even the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks is over $4 now….. which I did buy only because I saved so much money on my groceries for the week with shopping sales and using coupons.  Yes, I justified it…  however, I kept thinking on the way home…. what idiot pays over $4 for a cup of coffee!  ME, I guess!  I’m thinking I might be buying a nice coffee thermos and making my own pumpkin spice latte for my grocery trips now though at that price!   I can almost buy a bag of coffee for $4!

I ran across an article talking about Soaring Costs Could Cut Down the Gobbling on Turkey Day

It may be easier to count blessings than dollars this Thanksgiving, as Americans will be shelling out more money than ever to put food on their Turkey Day table.

Prices for all of the holiday trimmings, from the turkey and sweet potatoes to the pumpkin for the pie, have soared, in some cases up 33 percent, according to the Food Institute.

One reason is that farmers have to pay more to raise and grow the food, and then they pass their increased costs on to the consumer.

The honored guest — the turkey — will cost an average of 79 cents to $1.05 per pound this year, pushing the cost of a 16-pound bird up by about $4.

Not only are food prices up, but the gas you put in your car to get to the store and to Grandma’s house as well as the electricity you use to cook and heat the house is up as well.  With this in mind, all is not lost.  With a bit of strategy, soaring costs for Thanksgiving dinner don’t have to spoil your Holiday this year. 

The biggest solution to avoiding soaring food prices at the grocery store  is to shop the holiday loss leader sales.  I’ve already seen loss leader sales in the grocery stores which actually will substantially reduce your out of pocket expenses.  Last week, I picked up turkeys for .59 cents a pound.  I didn’t buy sweet potatoes because they were .89 cents a pound, nor did I buy the celery because it was $1.50 a bunch.  I know I will be able to find these items on sale somewhere else very soon.  While the idea for loss leader sales is to get you in the door so you will end up buying the other non sale items, if you can strategically plan your grocery shopping this Thanksgiving to buy the holiday loss leaders, then you will end up coming out ahead and spending way less than everyone else. 

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  1. Here in Texas, Kroger has frozen turkeys for $.29/lb until the 23rd.
    And our Walmart has sweet potatoes for $.33/lb, and 5lb bags of potatoes for $$.99!
    The only thing better than homemade comfort food is inexpensive homemade comfort food. Can’t wait for Thursday!

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