Sam’s Club and Costco vs. Couponing at the Grocery Store

Is it worth it to shop at Sam’s Club or Costco?   Here are some of my thoughts on Sam’s Club and Costco vs. Couponing. 

You may not find Sam’s or Costco worth it if:

You are single.
You have a small family.
You have a small family with small children.
You don’t consume large amounts of food and supplies. 
You coupon full time and live within a short distance of the stores you coupon at.

You will probably find Sam’s or Costco well worth it if:

You have a larger family.
You have a smaller family with bigger kids or teenagers. 
You prefer purchasing bulk items for the convenience of not having to take regular trips to the store. 
You live in the country or have a driving distance to get to the grocery stores.
You prefer once a month shopping.
You cook and bake alot. 
You plan social and family events, host parties, or entertain. 
You use eco-friendly or organic products and like to find them for discounted prices in bulk.
Your looking for a higher quality food for less. 
You are a couponer but because of your family size or the volume of food and supplies your family uses, you need more food and supplies than what couponing brings in. 
You want good savings on tires and gas. 

A lot of families will find the large wholesale store well worth it and others will not depending on your family’s needs. 

Even being a couponer myself, I still find shopping at Costco or Sam’s Club a must to provide my home with the amount of food and supplies we consume, plus the added benefits of filling up our big vehicle with gas for cheaper than anywhere else.  I also find that the large wholesale stores are much easier to navigate and shop in compared to the grocery store.  I’ve also been impressed by the quality of the food which, in my experience and opinion,  exceeds regular grocery store food and far exceeds discount grocery store food (Sav-A-Lot, Aldi, etc)

When couponing at a regular grocery store, I have to weigh the time spent couponing, the amount of trips to the store (time and gas) and the amount of items I can get.  For me, now it is an automatic $20 in gas to get to my favorite couponing grocery and drug stores so if I go couponing, I have to plan that trip carefully to make it worth the drive time, gas money and effort.   Some things are cheaper at the grocery store and some things are not, you will have to get to know your stores and learn what are the good deals for your family.  For our family of 10, now that we live in a rural area, it is a combination of shopping at Sam’s Club or Costco, buying bulk grains, produce and fruit from co-ops, auctions and amish markets, couponing at the grocery store, raising our own meat, growing our own garden  and canning our own food. 

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