Increasing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Diet

I’ve been on a mission to increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables we consume on a daily basis.  With summer time here, there are so many great varieties of fresh fruits that are delicious and healthy.  Watermelon and cantaloupe are some of our favorite summer fruits right now. 

I love couponing and try to implement as much couponing / deal seeking with certain items like baby diapers, toiletries, paper products, etc. so that I can be very liberal with the fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Because I buy so much fresh fruit and vegetables, I look for ways to save.  Here are some things that I am implementing in my family to increase quality fruits and vegetables without paying high retail prices:

  1. We planted a garden.  It’s a humble garden, but it’s a garden.  In the past, I have found a garden drastically helps cut the grocery bill and provides ultra healthy fresh fruits and vegetables for a fraction of the cost.  Of course, a lot of work and effort goes into a garden.  But it is worth it!
  2. Growing Herbs:  I LOVE herbs.   Growing herbs makes cooking an adventure.  Many herbs are very easy to grow and make beautiful plants.  It’s very easy to maintain a herb plant in the kitchen window or on the porch.  Herbs grow great in a flower bed or raised boxes in the back yard.  They are not only beautiful but very aromatic and attract butterflies!  This is always a big hit with the kids. 
  3. Buying in Bulk:  I often order seasonal fruit from a co-op in my area that buys bulk from farms and orchards.  By ordering fruit this way, I am able to purchase fresh fruits for a fraction of the cost at a grocery store.
  4. Costco or Sams:  many times I can find great deals on fruit and vegetables but I have to really watch the prices.  Always look at the unit or per pound price when shopping in bulk. 
  5. Grocery Store Sales:  Grocery stores often run  loss leader sales on fruits and vegetables.  During the winter I stocked up on a sale on sweet potatoes for .29 cents a pound.  It was a great deal and they last forever.  So I bought a box full and used them for months.  I also keep my eye out for cheap bananas.  I buy lots of bananas and always freeze the really ripe ones and make them into banana muffins or banana bread. 
  6. Planting fruit trees:  The best deal on fresh fruit may just be picking it from your own fruit trees or berry bushes.  We bought a bunch of fruit trees this year that we have been babying in the greenhouse. 
  7. Visit a nearby Amish community.  We often visit the nearby Amish communities and find great deals on fruits, vegetables and berries. 
  8. Buy fruits in season:  Recently, I didn’t buy apples at the grocery store because they were $2  a pound and up.  Too expensive for the amount of fruit I needed.  I also didn’t buy avocados that day because they were $1.89 a piece which was over my target price for avocados.  Instead, I substituted  watermelon, cantaloupe and lettuce greens which were on sale that week instead of the apples and avocados.  On a side note, I usually find that the 6 pack of avocados at Costco is the best price and best quality around–so usually, I get my avocados there. 

Any other ideas you have for finding fresh fruit and vegetables???

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