Grocery Savings Despite Being Unprepared

I didn’t spend enough time this week planning my grocery shopping.  I had laundry overtaking me and lots of early spring garden work as well as revamping my blog.  This week we made a lot of pancakes, tortillas and bread.  We had a lot of simple and inexpensive meals this week and stretched the amount of money we spent on food pretty thin!  We went through 20 lbs of potatoes, 10 lbs of pasta, 8 lbs of oranges, 10 lbs of apples, several gallons of milk, several pounds of butter and cheese, several heads of cabbage, 4 lbs of dry beans, 12 dozen tortillas, 5 loaves of bread and 10 lbs of bananas…..and that is all I counted but it was a lot more food.  I should keep track of everything we eat for a week and blog it.  I think I would even be shocked!

But despite my busy schedule and being more unprepared than normal, I was able to find some really great deals this week at the grocery store.  I only shopped briefly at Kroger. 

  • Continuing sale on Mott’s Apple Juice, buy 8 and get $4 off your total order which made them $.99 cents a jug.  So I bought 8 more jugs. 
  • Large 8 lb bags of oranges for $3.99!  I bought 2 bags.  The oranges are delicious too! 
  • Large boxes of Cheerios were $2.99!  I didn’t have any coupons or I could have done better, but I bought several boxes for Sunday morning breakfast….which is always busy around here getting everyone ready for Church. 
  • I also found large blocks of Kroger brand cheese for $2.99 (regularly over $5)

Even without a lot of coupons ( i only used 2 coupons!!), just buying store sales and taking advantage of the store instant rebates, I saved 57%!!!  So I was pleased since  it wasn’t a very prepared trip!   

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